We Made It!

In today’s business climate, you have to have an online presence to be taken seriously. If you’re not searchable or don’t have information for prospective customers, they won’t find you.

Well, Silver Construction of the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti area have joined the ranks of “serious” businesses for you to consider when you have home or office construction projects of any size.

For your convenience, we’ve set up our website at silverconstruction.net, which includes this blog, but we also have profiles on several social media channels to connect with us and keep updated on what we’re doing.

Once we hit our stride with these avenues, we hope to bring you how-to videos and tips and tricks on YouTube and Pinterest. For now, though, we aim to keep connected with you through this blog and the three profiles linked above. Please follow us on all of them and then do us a favor and share this information with your friends and family who may want some home improvement help or remodeling done. We sure would appreciate any good word you could leave us.

Take care, and we’ll be in touch.

Carlos & Hector Plata

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